After the success of my iPad 3 repair, I was emboldened to try to repair the glass of my old Samsung Galaxy S 3. This was going to be more difficult, mostly because I would be delaminating the shattered glass from the digitizer, while trying to not damage the digitizer or LCD underneath. Luckily the prep work for this job was easier. Taking apart a SGS3 is a matter of a few screws and ribbon cables. Then you’re left with the front assembly to work on, without worrying about other components, e.g. the motherboard or battery.

Battery removed, disconnecting the main board from the display.

Motherboard removed.

Starting to heat the glass.

It gets a bit messy and chippy, but here is the first rough pass of glass cleared off.

Some of this is glue, some, glass crumbs. Now we start to clean with a lint-free cloth and Windex.

Cleaned and polished, ready to go.


I applied the 3M tape as judiciously as I could.  Here you can see the minor damage to the LCD, both cracked and burnt along the top. Unfortunately I cooked a small bit of the LCD while heating the unit to remove the glass. I left the heat gun over one spot for a little too long. I noticed it immediately but couldn’t assess the damage until it was turned back on. Fortunately it was a minor issue. I’m not intending to sell this device, just use as a beater phone for music or webcam, so it’s okay.

There’s no picture here, but I placed the new glass on quickly after removing the backing, so as to avoid any dust getting trapped in between.

Here’s a shot of the phone now. Turned out great for so cheap. Learned to treat my heat gun with more caution.