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January 23, 2014

Repair: Samsung Galaxy S 3

After the success of my iPad 3 repair, I was emboldened to try to repair the glass of my old Samsung Galaxy S 3. This was going to be more difficult, mostly┬ábecause I would be delaminating the shattered glass from the digitizer, while trying to not damage the digitizer or LCD underneath. Luckily the prep work for this job was easier. Taking apart a SGS3 is a matter of a few screws and ribbon cables. Then you’re left with the front assembly to work on, without worrying about other components, e.g. the motherboard or battery. – Read More –

November 1, 2013

2013 HALLOWEEN: Treasure chest build

Every year since college, Heather and I run the Living History Farms Race with friends. Being the costume-loving fools we are, we always dress up and have a theme. This year, our theme was ‘Under the Sea’. We’re trying to be a little cost-conscious, so we decided to make one costume for both Halloween and the LHF race. I was looking for something fun to build that would let me experiment with a new prop-making material: pink insulation foam. I decided to go with a treasure chest. – Read More –

June 9, 2013

Repair: iPad 3

When you have a tablet or smartphone, you basically wait with an axe over your head. Is this the day that I accidentally drop my tablet? Will my cat knock over my drink and drown my phone?

That day happened to me this spring. My iPad 3 took a fall from a car seat onto the driveway, right on a corner. I panicked at first, and briefly cursed myself for not purchasing AppleCare+. I took a deep breath, gathered my emotions and the broken iPad from the pavement, and looked up my repair options. – Read More –